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Mr. M L Suen

Member of HKEnCA

Educational Qualifications: 
1981    Certificate in Electrical Engineering, HK Education Department
1983    Higher certification in Electrical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2006    Graduate Certificate in Lighting, Queensland University of technology, Australia
2007    Master of Lighting , Queensland University of Technology, Australia
1973    -   2003         Water Supplies Department (WSD)
1973/9 – 1977/9       Craft Apprentice (Electrical Section)
1977/9 – 1982/4       Artisan (Electrical Section)
1982/4 – 1985/1       Works Supervisor II (Electrical Section)
1985/1 – 1986/10      Works Supervisor I (Electrical Section)
1986/10 – 1992/4      Assistant Waterworks Inspector (Electrical (Electrical Section)
1992/10 – 1997/6      Waterworks Inspector (Electrical Section)
1997/6 – 2003/8       Senior Waterworks Inspector (Electrical Section)

Duties on WSD: 
i)                    Electrical HV and LV project works;
ii)                  Maintenance of electrical HV and LV pumping and Treatment plant;
iii)                Protection and testing works
iv)                Training Officer 
2)          ( 2003/8 -- Now )
HK & Kowloon Electrical Engineering & Appliances Trade Workers Union - Technical Director
Principal, Hong Kong Electrical & Mechanical College

Duties on Union:
i)            course arrangement
ii)          to promote the development of trade technology
iii)        to facilitate the co-operation of relevant Department of HK Government and relevant associations. 
Teaching Experience:
1988 – Present:   Lecturer, Hong Kong & Kowloon Electrical Engineering & Appliances Trade Works Union
Professional Qualification:     
1.      Suen Ming Lam, “Examination Questions for Registration as a Grade ‘B’ Electrical Workers”, 2002 (1stEdition)
2.      Suen Ming Lam, “ Solution of Examination Questions for Registration as a Grade ‘B’ Electrical Workers”, 2002 (1st Edition)
3.      Suen Ming Lam, “電工基礎知識”, 1998 (1st Edition)
4.      Suen Ming Lam, “電工B牌天書-理論篇”, 2011 (1st Edition)
5.      Suen Ming Lam, “電工B牌天書-守則篇”, 2011 (1st Edition)

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