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APAC Innovation Summit 2015 Series – Smart Cities 亞太創新峰會2015系列 – 智能城巿

The Smart Cities Conference, the 2nd highlight of the APAC Innovation Summit 2015 Series, will take place in Science Park in September. Following the success of the last event in Robotics of the series, this flagship event of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation continues its commitment to promote innovation and technology and aims to connect all stakeholders, facilitate collaboration and catalyse new ideas and opportunities. 繼「機械人技術」會議後,《亞太創新峰會》系列的第二個焦點「智能城市」會議將於九月在科學園舉辦。作為香港科技園公司的旗艦活動,《亞太創新峰會》將繼續致力於推動創新和技術,目的是連繫所有相關的持份者,推動協作和促進新的想法及機會。

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