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Earth Day 4.22 2016 ( 地球日 4.22.2016 )

Managing Director of BillionGroup Technologies Ltd. and President of the Hong Kong Energy Conservation Association – Prof. Ir Steve Wong has accepted the invitation by the Open University Hong Kong as a speaker to share his experience on the topic “New Carbon Reduction Initiatives: From Energy Efficiency Enhancement to WasteToEnergy” during the Earth Day 2016.4.22 in Hong Kong.

兆豐科技設備有限公司董事總經理并香港節能協會會長- 黃兆輝教授工程師榮幸地接受香港公開大學的邀請,於2016年4月22日在香港「地球日」研討會上作為主講嘉賓,分享「新的碳減排舉措:從能源效益的提高至轉廢為能的經驗」。

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