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Mr. Vincent Cheng

Honorary Secretary of HKEnCA

Vincent has over 30 years of experience in electrical and electronic engineering, quality assurance, management consulting and environmental projects. He is a professional corporate manager, a successful entrepreneur and a business strategist.

He is currently the Director and General Manager of WST International (Holdings) Limited, the owner and Executive Director of W2R Consultants Ltd.

Born and educated in Hong Kong, Vincent was trained in electrical and electronic engineering in the Water Supplies Department (WSD) and Electrical & Mechanical Department (EMSD) of the Hong Kong Government. He also served in the Housing Department (HD) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in building services functions. He worked in the Rolling Stock and Quality Assurance functions of the MTR Corporation Ltd. for 13 years. He assisted the MTR Corporation Ltd. in obtaining the first ISO 9001 certificate in 1995. He was responsible for the quality system development and training for the 2500 staff Operations Engineering Department.

Vincent started his management consulting career in 1996 with a focus on business strategies, operations, quality, environmental and occupational health and safety. His clients included government departments (ArchSD, CEDD, C&ED, DSD, EMSD, GLD, HD, Judiciary, WSD), Hospital Authority, CLP Group, BMW, Sime Darby, Sony and many other big corporations and SME's. From 1996 to 2004, Vincent, being the General Manager and Principal Consultant of TQM Consultants Limited, positioned and strategized the company to focus on the government and utility sectors and successfully dominated the quality management consulting market, making the company one of the most profitable local management consulting company in that period.

In 2005, Vincent was appointed by an investor to take charge of a group of waste management companies. During the period, Vincent successfully created, raised funds and completed one 300 tonne/day municipal solid waste treatment plant in Jiangsu Province and two medical waste treatment centres, one in Siping (Jilin Province) and one in Suihua (Heilongjiang Province).

In 2008, Vincent was appointed by the WST International (Holdings) Limited, a company with a set of patents in a unique waste separation technology. Despite of the global financial crisis in the period, Vincent successfully introduced fund managers from Switzerland and Australia to fund the company. In 2011, Vincent at el. have founded a new startup which focuses on energy saving and new energy projects in China. He successfully raised RMB 16 million for the university hot water supply projects covering 60,000 students.

Vincent also serves the community on his spare time. He is the Honorary Secretary of the Hong Kong Energy Conservation Association (HKEnCA) and the Executive Committee Member of the Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ). He is also the Founding Vice-Chariman of the Green Great Wall Foundation (GGWF) in the period (2005 to 2011). Vincent also taught undergraduate modules in Quality Management and Business Strategies in the Polytechnic University and the Leeds Metropolitan University respectively.

Vincent is a trained GRI report writer. He is the assurer/verifier of the Hang Seng Bank CSR Report (2010) and CLP Group Sustainability Report (Jun 2010). He also teaches corporate senior managers in business strategies, change management, and project management.

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